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I'm a voice coach, performer, and entrepreneur so I get it: I respect your process & coach in a way that complements your own instincts. ​I work quickly & with great joy; often clients can’t believe the session is over and how much they got out of it. 

If you've found me because you need to learn a dialect, or "reduce" your own accent so it'll be easier to be understood, I look forward to working with you. I coach the American accent to foreigners from all over the world, and coach commonly requested accents all the time as well -- British, Australian, Irish, various Southern, New York, Boston, etc. But I'm always happy to prep anything else for you, if you've got an unusual request. I've been known to coach Pakistani, British-colonized Indian, vague Eastern-European, Lingala, Old Money New Orleans, and 1850's Appalachian Georgian.

If you have an audition coming up, or a role you've booked, contact me here & tell me what you need.


If you've found me because you're an entrepreneur or business professional who wants to strengthen your speaking voice or your message, I look forward to working with you. I have clients hire me to improve their pitch or keynote, and clients hire me to help them put to rest old vocal habits no longer serving them in their public life. I help entrepreneurs put themselves into their pitch. I help politicians and business professionals and techies and artists tell their story, well. From strong content to vocal freedom, together we make sure your message is compelling and your delivery lands, so you can move your audience and get what you want! This is permission to speak.
Please contact me here, and head over to the pod to get a bunch of tips & solidarity.
My Background

I have a BA from Princeton in English & Theater, an MFA from Brown in Acting, and have taught at Pace University in Manhattan, Stella Adler Acting School in Hollywood, and through the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, which holds workshops all around the country. In addition to coaching television & film, I've prepared clients for Broadway & LA theater, UN speeches, televised award show presentations, academic talks, tech pitches, and political ads. In addition to my iHeartRadio podcast, Permission to Speak, I'm also at work on a book by the same title, which will be published by Crown, an imprint of Penguin Random House, and Penguin UK.

More info

For more about what I do, please read this New York Times Magazine article about my work, this Huffington Post piece I wrote, or this column from the Princeton Alumni Weekly.

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