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Hi. Welcome. I'm a dialect coach for actors in TV & film. You can read the New York Times Magazine piece about my work, watch this superfun Youtube interview & listen to me speak with Slate. I recently coached a bunch of actors throughout Hunters season 2, and on Red Notice, the first big-budget American film to resume shooting during the pandemic, with my client Gal Gadot.


I'm also a speech coach for people in politics, business, tech, and creative fields who are looking to feel more confident in their speaking voice & delivery because how we share our vision matters as much as what it is, and I want you to have the tools to move your audience & change the world. More here!


Listen to my podcast PERMISSION TO SPEAK & start changing the way you think about your voice now.


I've coached American & international actors including Rachel McAdams, Pierce Brosnan, Gal Gadot,

Ricky Martin, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rosie O'Donnell, Miles Teller, Keegan-Michael Key, and Penelope Cruz, and on projects for Marvel, DC, HBO, Showtime, ABC, TNT, FOX, BBC, Apple, Amazon, & Netflix.


Some recent film & television I've coached:

eurovision movie poster.jpg
Accent Reduction - British to American
“Samara’s great fun & was completely dedicated to helping me sound perfect & feel comfortable​ in the role. She has the knack for knowing exactly when and how to communicate.  ​
I would ​recommend her to anybody.” 
                   — Matt Lucas, actor
              (Bridesmaids, Little Britain)
Accent Reduction - British to American
Samara Bay is my secret weapon! Her relaxed & confident style puts the actors at ease, and I can always trust her to work to the project's needs without stepping on the toes of the director. Sometimes it's about honing a sound, other times it's helping an actor to a more nuanced understanding of the script; always it's in service to the production.
                    — Sarah Green, producer
      (The Tree of Life, Loving, Fahrenheit 451)
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