Hi. I'm a dialect coach for actors in television & film. When not on set, I work privately with clients to help them integrate good acting with good dialect work, which is both a technical & emotional process. I was featured in The New York Times Magazine last year in a piece that focused on my work helping clients sound authentic in an accent other than their own while having fun doing it. Scroll down for some of my recent projects.


I'm also a public speaking & communication coach for professionals in politics, business, tech, and science who are looking to improve their speaking voice & delivery because how we share our vision matters as much as what it is, and I want you to have the tools to move your audience & change the world.


I've coached American & international actors including Gal Gadot, Rachel McAdams, Pierce Brosnan,

Ricky Martin, Gerard Butler, Rosie O'Donnell, Miles Teller, Keegan-Michael Key, and Penelope Cruz, and on projects for  Marvel, DC, HBO, Showtime, ABC, AMC, TNT, FOX, BBC, Apple, Amazon, and Netflix.


Some recent film & television I've coached:

“Samara’s great fun & was completely dedicated to helping me sound perfect & feel comfortable​ in the role. She has the knack for knowing exactly when and how to communicate.  ​
I would ​recommend her to anybody.” 
                   — Matt Lucas, actor
              (Bridesmaids, Little Britain)
Samara Bay is my secret weapon! Her relaxed & confident style puts the actors at ease, and I can always trust her to work to the project's needs without stepping on the toes of the director. Sometimes it's about honing a sound, other times it's helping an actor to a more nuanced understanding of the script; always it's in service to the production.
                    — Sarah Green, producer
      (The Tree of Life, Loving, Fahrenheit 451)

Los Angeles, CA or via Skype, anywhere in the world


For work on your film or TV set,​ please contact my agent,

Diane Kamp, at

(406) 930-2002

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